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Kenneth B. Liebscher - President / CEO

Kenneth B. Liebscher, is a seasoned international businessman with over 35 years of securities and executive management experience.

Mr. Liebscher held executive level positions while at the world's largest dental products manufacturer, Dentsply International Inc., where he spent over 22 years in positions culminating as the Manager of their West Coast Division, headquartered in San Francisco California. Mr. Liebscher was recruited by a major Europe based competitor, Ivoclar Liechtenstein to lead their entry into the North American market and, within two years, became Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and helped expand this company's sales to $300M US.

Mr. Liebscher became a director of a publicly held company called E.T.C. Industries Ltd. in 1992 and became President of its wholly owned subsidiary, THE ELECTRIC CAR COMPANY and, in 1994, led a team that developed the MI 6 prototype electric car from the ground up.

Mr. Liebscher has served as an officer and director on numerous public companies in the mining industry since 1992. This experience has resulted in his involvement in mineral exploration projects in Peru, Eastern Europe (Slovak Republic), and Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick (Canada).

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